mercredi, novembre 30, 2005

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Yahooooooooo isn't it great when you do somethin great with exerting too much effort?!?!?!?! yahoooooooooo! 1st time to ah. bute nalang i enjoyed myself last night and i didn't get OC over that ob quiz!!!! anyways, i watched the premiere of a french film entitled, "joyeux noel". cheeeesy title huh??? pero the theme was really great. the story speaks of how three battling nations managed to find peace amidst the war..... asteeg. it was a true story by the way that's why its sooo touchin! though it seemed great, the story was made is such a way that it lacks depth and polarity...parang the denounement was sooo abrupt and you get this feeling that the ending was kinda hurried. anyways, too bad din its gonna be released pa sa US on february....tsktsktsk...kinda out of season na talaga.

anwyays, enough with the movie. hay im sooo badtrip with my insomiac episode last was soooo uncalled for coz i really wanted to rest. yan tuloy i ended up sleepin late wakin up late at crammin for ob as usual. hehehe!

anyways, last nite during my one thousand and one sheep-counting moments...faye texted me..."Loving a person doesn't need a criteria, kse once you fall in love, you take the risk of accepting the person. You dont need to find the answer kung baket mo siya mahal.Kse lahat nagbabago...but if you accept that person,magbago man sha in the middle of the relationship,di ka masasaktan kse tanggap mo sha ng buo. Mahirap gawin pero masarap subukan dahil wala ng sasaya pa if you let that one person deel na mahal na mahal mo sha without asking for anything in return.Then u can say na wow un pala and love!" ----------fudge. i didn't know what to say when i read this. talk about me beeeeein so speechless (while countin sheep) hehhe. tinamaan talaga ako. so maybe, there's hope for me pala talaga.

well well well...i'm thinkin of somebody from my past now. ang weird....all the memories are kinda blurry in my head.?! well cguro there's nothin really much to reminisce and remember when ur sooo over and done with them anymore. i was thinking... am i really supposed to be with my ex's or is it ok if i just ditch them and live as if they never existed?! "live and let live" hehehe.

goooooooosh! lapet na ng christmas!!!! there are so many things i wanna do... i wanna drink wine at a hotel...listen to good music...classical...... fudge. the thought hit me... if i really get kinda well-off when i get older....i wanna live in a hotel penthouse cguro ;p it'll be fun...pero i want my own house din...pero if i end up livin alone...i can have both. :) ung house, rest house by the beach!!! fudge! thats gonna be soooooo nice.

ang corny ko. in the middle of the people here in lru nagddaydream ako. actually, gusto ko uminom ng wine. ang sarap eh. especially white wine...ok lang din un boone's. parang juice :) day dreamin day dreamin! feels soooo gooood parang i'm floating lang... wala nang drama! well well, i guess i'm starting to stop (ironic huh?) thinking about my love life all the time...hehehe i'm happier now. ;p and i'm starting to smile again. :)


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marge a dit…

may si-share lang ako on counting things before sleeping...

alam mo ba yung christmas song ni jose mari chan? i forgot na the title eh. pero may lines dun:

when i worry and i can't sleep,
i count my blessings instead of sheep

wala lang. :) baka makatulong. :)