jeudi, décembre 01, 2005


Everything in life coincides with relativity...

last night, i had a date with nelson. Yooooooooohoooooooooo and as life's origins amazed me, i suddenly remembered einstein's theory of relativity. Its most likely that the fetal reflexes resulted from its relation to any maternal influence such as movement, emotion, social etc etc.... it's just amazing that even the unborn has experienced life, only in another world... "a mother's womb"

So what's the big deal with bein born?

Bein born to this life does not exclude us from reacting to the world in relation to its obscurities. so in a sense, we might have felt "unborn" but of course firguratively. The difference lies in the fact that we can choose whether to habituate or react as if each stimuli, is our first encounter.

in love:
i was just thinking that before after bein sooooooooo hurt with my ex, i said that "ill never do those things for anybody anymore". so i had the option to adapt or to start all over again.

in school:
People always habituate with failures. Some get really depressed after a 5pointquiz in micro, but some even fail an entire semester of subjects, yet evoking minimal responses.


the point that i'm trying to drive at is that Einstein's famous theory doesn't only apply to physics (time space warp ngayon din! hehehe) but also in everyday life too.

Those have mastered the art of habituation become numb.
Those who choose to encounter each situation as if it were the 1st time
lives life to the fullest...or foolest?!

pedia s interesting.
and so is my life.


dig this

For two lovers goin on a date, time passes by in seconds.
but for a girl who waits for a guy to love her, a life time passes by.
that's relativity.

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