samedi, novembre 26, 2005

somebody texted me this early morning.. "One day we wake up fallin in love with a wrong person in a wrong time and place..But one day, we realize that its not the person,time and place that is wrong..but our expectation of a perfect love story.." dang... hits me big time. maybe to begin with i have this personality na perfectionist...once i put effort into something, i expect things to go so well like the way i want them to... and of course, i'm no god. most of the time, life catches me with so many surprises that i never thought of in the first place.

But its really a mental torture.. i'm the type of person who wants to know whats gonna happen to me in the future. not that i hate surprises, but i hate drastic changes in my life. i wanna be prepared for everything....

actually, preparation is just psychological. nobody can ever be prepared for anything... the only thing that we could ever expect are the ones that we haven't thought of...Why do we find ourselves "stuck in a moment"? maybe because, we never really considered the importance of each and every second of our lives...especially in my fast-paced world...i barely have time to spare.

It's jolie's bday today......
it's just so weird that it suddenly hit me how old i am. shet. a couple of years from now, i'll be thirty...dang!!! 30 years from that, i'll be sixty...and i'll be gone...i'll be a memory. hahaha. ang drama ko talaga! bwahahah

anyways, kainis yang pharma na yan ah! the questions are soooooooooo hard. hehehe reklamador talaga ko minsan.

i miss faye.

i miss my high school friends.

dang. ganto ba talaga if ur in med sch? nababaliw? all i can do is just reminisce coz i dont have any memories to make anymore from now on?!?!?!?! wag naman. shet
bitter na naman ako. fuck dinedread ko un weekend...

......i dont have anyone to spend it with...

FUCK D NAMAN AKO GANTO DATI AH. im seriously beginnin to think that i have "attention-deficit disorder" in other words 'KULANG SA PANSIN' shet wala ng nagtetext saken. when i was in high school, i used to have a pager, (low-tech talaga dati) tapos i always get dozens of msgs! voice mail pa plus email! what the fuck???

this is the thing that happens when all you ever do is just listen the whole day and read. its fun naman sometimes pero sometimes din i just wanna talk..and have coffee (not alone)

i'm gettin' tired of bein alone.

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Nat Casuela a dit…

i know how it feels to be in a relationship... with yourself. the invisible boyfriend... but then, dear, the love of your life aint really invisible... he:s just busy. but if you cant take that, why do you?

you:re NOT alone. I:M here. nins is here. faye is far away but she:s with you in spirit.

fuck PHARMA!!! fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!!!

pana-panahon lan yan... you may feel like you:re really down, but that:s the CYCLE of life. ups and downs... but just be patient, and you wont regret waiting for your time to shine... coz after all that, you:ll find out it:s all worth it.

love you, manny!

~~~ kong

Mags a dit…

things may not like what's happening right now, but who said life's gonna be easy?! kung madali lng lahat then there's nothing to appreciate when we look back to those times we felt like giving up..(kala mo naman kung sino magsalita e ganun din ako dati!) happiness, kala ko dati para lang sa mga taong in-love yun..pero hindi din pala..There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness..and for the first time i felt happy without even trying so hard..i suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal..and lastly, don't let anyone ever make you feel that you don't deserve whatever it is that you want..(from 10 things..)ayt?!

ninsgoddess a dit…

all i can say is: happiness is a state of mind. look at me, masaya lagi, coz i always think: what do i have to be sad about? life's too short to feel sad or alone (YES, despite the reality that is pharmacology).

pyscho ka talaga, ericson/manel-ito(!), kaya naman kita love eh. :p