mardi, octobre 31, 2006

i was beaming as i was opening my newly purchased pack of cigarattes. although i've been trying to quit for a month now, i just couldn't help but crave for nicotine every now and then. I manuevered my hands skillfully to get a stick from my pack (ive got some style haha) and at this time i was still smiling, and then the unthinkable happened. flickr flickr flick flic fl my lighter isn't working!!!!!!!!! oh whatta frustrating moment. is this divine intervention? ho-hum. i paused to catch a breath, decided if im gonna give in. and yes, im a loser. i looked for a matches.

why am i so oral? i eat a LOT. i smoke a LOT.

i love thinking while im smoking. maybe thats one of the reasons why i find it hard to quit. Whenever i smoke, i seem to ponder about life, about my principles, about anything that matters...and even those that dont really matter.

top 7 things i love to do while smoking:

1. ponder
2. drink coffee
3. look at the smoke as it comes out of my mouth
4. watch people walk by
5. read a book
6. listen to dishwalla
7. imagine

vendredi, octobre 20, 2006

is it possible to find someone who's world will only evolve entirely around you?

People have a tendency get clingy when they are in a relationship. Why? Probably because of object permanence or separation-anxiety. (go, kaplan!) Whatever the reason is, we have to get over that cycle of clinging to our boyfriends, lover, hot papa, s.o.'s, whatever love object you have. i realized that being in a relationship ,(take note: not being in love. these are two different things)is like holding grains of sand in your hand. If you squeeze you hands too tight, the sand will spill. If you open your hands, the wind will blow it away. But if we try to hold it steady in our hands, it will stay.

The difficulty lies in knowing that you're being to much of something, and having the courage to do something about it.