mardi, novembre 22, 2005

Flying gagamba

Last nyt, i was sooo engrossed readin Robbin's (coz it was abt smokin) and then suddenly, a long-legged-flying spider flew over my study table! FUCK! panic attack!!! dang.

speakin of panics, i had another episode 2 hours before lunchtime...shockers. i was kinda scared of reportin for that pathophysio.... :( dami kseng saket eh. may cva na diabetic pa may congestive heart failure pa...and to sum it all up, anasarca. Yes. Chronic Kidney Disease. Patay tayo jan! yeah yeah yeah! fave ko talaga un renal topic pero dis is kinda challengin for me. my gulay! i havent checked my cel for like 2 hours....wahahhaha.

nyeta kanina lunch ang init sa labas. me, nat and bry went out to eat pero grrrrrr.... anyways, ok na ko now. ppl are helpin' me out na so im not so much of a paranoid anymore. speakin of paranoia, ive been sleepin for 2 consecutive classes na...not the entire lecture though pero the last minutes of both lectures. especially dr "you-know" 's class. hahahaha it was kinda interestin but i really cant help but doze off.. pero shockers. somethin kinda bothered me...i have symptoms of a bipolar...insomnia...initial and un second type..but not he terminal one. at least not schizo hehehe lucky me!?!

hay. badtrip i only have a few mins for my bloggin time. was busy fixin the report only to find out that dr marcial/carpio isnt around. great! anyways, i was happy the whole weekend. got to spend time w/ kabuts last fri nyt (he gave me flowers) ;p awwww hehehe. saw harry potter :) and bowled yday. old school huh?

hmmmm, this single-blessed thing has been on my mind for a long time na....oh well. what the fuck. i will wait padin naman til the water runs dry (naks.)

3 commentaires:

Nat Casuela a dit…

flying gagamba amputs...

nagtext ka pa sakin para lan sabihin yun diba.

anak ng.

wala akong pakialam.

mag aral ka nalan.

Nat Casuela a dit…

mahal kita ericson!!! hahaha. magpa-pixie cut ka na nga. mas muka kang babae pag ganyon. HWEK! HWEK! HWEK!

psyche a dit…

gaga!!!! mukha na nga akong ericson lalo eh. love u kuriks!