jeudi, novembre 17, 2005


if there's one thing ive learned so far from my stay here at medschool today, it is to SAVE UR FILE! fuckin bitch jolog computer! i was soooo done with my blog entry for today and my computer suddenly hanged! talk about letting it all out and swallowing your vomitus in!!!! grrrr!

anyway, i was just makin kwento of what happened to me last nite...i was such in a hyper-sinisipag-ako-magaral-mode coz i took so much coffee..the hype was sooo sudden...i just found myself enjoying at marvelling at the wonders of obstetrics! i wasnt even content with reading apmc, i even consulted wheater's for the histologic progression of the generative organ of pregnancy!!! talk about passion man!!!

and then i began wonderin...what happened to me for the past year? it seemed like i never discovered the wonders of anatomy, physiology, neuro-anatomy, psychiatry and biochemistry?!?!!?! what happened to me? when i was at pre-med, i used to dream about readin all of those stuff...but when i began medschool, parang all my passions suddenly disappeared!!! what the hell? and then i began to rationalize while sipping a mug of black coffee...and then je regrette,

maybe the reason is that ive always been a person who seeks for new ventures all the time....what's good about it is that i never compromised med sch coz of my other interests...bad thing was...i guess i lost control of my time management... now im beginning to wonder, what if i really indulged in the basics of medicine? would i become a better doctor??? i guess sooooo... but if i dropped all my interests, would i have become a better person? of course not..

I guess there's so much to say about the complexity of who i am. i guess my friends are right...i'm complicated. but i love bein complicated...because that's what makes me, ME. if i was some just monotonous studying geek....i guess i wouldn't be happy.

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Nat Casuela a dit…

pansin mo ba, i attract all the PCs at the LRU na mahilig maghang??? i feel yah, sistah. i feel yah.

Nat Casuela a dit…

to all of you privileged to know this blog:s address, AKO... AKO ang nag introduce kay manel to the world of blogging.

hoy. pumasok ka nga.

i created a monster.

psyche a dit…

hahahahhaha ;p i know!!!