vendredi, décembre 01, 2006


Night is a mirror
My soul flew far,
far away.

Creeping echoes of my silence
bathed my memories
of you

My slumber longs to stop
Im awake, Daylight.
I am the same.
All about me

Rainy days delight me. Draws out some emotions in my closet. I like analyzing complications. Mediocrity is for the bored and dull. Simple things make me smile. Nice shoes. Ice cream. Stars. Flowers. the smell of morning grass (without manure). sea shells. pigs.a nice cup of coffee. jelly ace. full moon. foiliage. I get thrilled when im at powerbooks. I fancy having a mansion with a nice lawn and garden. It has a big comfy bench wherein i will spend sunday mornings reading books with someone I love.

Failure and incompetence frustratesme. I overcompensate. I enjoy conversations, both intellectual and stupid ones. I like giving surprises and receiving them as well. Discoveries stimulate me. Sometimes im hyperactive, but boring lectures and heavy meals makes me somnolent. Once, i believed that accidentally ingesting seeds will transform me into a plant. So i ate some dalandan seeds, but nothing happened.

I believe that the most important things are learned through experience, but knowing the recognizable is very essential. I am insensitive, and sensitive and sometimes i realize things to soon or too late. Discipline is an art that i wanna master someday. I like bossa nova. Dishwalla keeps me sane. I like eating ice cream on the roof top while looking at the stars. When my imagination runs dry, i study. I contemplate endlessly.

My entire life is bloggable. I have bad habits that i wanna get rid of. I love my baby brother very much. I wanna travel someday. I collect postcards from coffee bean and tea leaf. i like watching madeleine and art attack. Repetitions bore me.