mercredi, novembre 23, 2005

The trouble with hello is goodbye.

i heard that song last night, and i found myself lost somewhere in between the about gettin soooooo love sick...dang...i wanted to keep things to myself coz i noticed that lately, there's been a lot of confession on my part. even this blog is a whole new revelation on that side of me that wants to be hidden. i guess, its really hard falling in love...with the decision should come the confidence to fight for whatever's gonna happen.

i got sooooo depressed last night...i realized that i wasnt so happy anymore and yeah i've been sad for too long...i'm really kinda confused with this love-sick marathon every night. keeps me up nalang palagi. yeah yeah yeah im a hopeless romantic...or hopeless lang talaga?!

Last night i was textin with my college bestfriend...hayyyy and she was askin me about marriage and all that? What a crock of shit. ngayon pa talaga. dang. i dont wanna get married. i dont wanna have kids.


but deep inside me, i'm waiting...
waiting to be loved.


i'm tired of waiting for nobody.

i'm so fuckin stupid!

tangna...the trouble with hello isn't goodbye...
its the transition from happiness to sadness that melts in between.

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