vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

8 minutes

shet 8 mins nalang blogging time ko! bruha kse un computer guy from commerce eh ang bagal bagal magprint ng hx ko. pakshet yan tuloy. nadisorganize na thoughts ko.
Anyways, i'm having a good day. Cp integ was fine, ok naman un quiz. d mashado na-boljak, except that kulang with the slides...but i guess its ok. Virology is fine din. short lecture but deadly quiz pero my day is still so-so...

why am i looking for something wrong? i guess i got used to it. dang!

crush stories end up bein crushed.

"love stories are all the same" - yeah yeah yeah. last nite i was askin dis married friend of mine if he's still in love with his wife...ampucha. shempre, not much really. tsktsktsk.

i was heart broken.

hope they patch things up..but how do u fall in love all over again? my besty told me that once in awhile couples should surprise each other...hmm, i do naman eh...except that it doesnt really work most of the time. some surprise huh? last nite i was havin the ultra-masungit-mood of my life...he didnt really try to cheer me up but he tried to bear with me...dang. it worked. kinda felt childish complaining about certain things.

oh well. atleast nothing really is makin me sad right now.

i had a date last nite.
it was with Harrison, Robbins and Bates.
whatta crock of shit. talk about nerdness. pero funny kse i enjoyed. it was like me getting inside the cell...nyek. hahahah. all my thoughts are jumbled na so i gotta go. time for OB.

fuck why do i always think of that person who's makin me smile right now..

2 commentaires:

Nat Casuela a dit…

i know someone in a long-term relationship, they:re like, around 2 years and running strong parin... the guy makes it a point to do something new every time they see each other, so they never get tired of it...

baket hindi lahat ng lalake ganon?!?! pakshet!!!

psyche a dit…

un nga eh...i told him na about that na pero wala padin... shet walang kwenta talaga yan mga lalaki na yan!!!! hanggan simula lang!