jeudi, mars 23, 2006

4 days to go and its over!!!!!!
wooohooooo summer na.

the past two weeks have been hellish for me.
toxic toxic toxic!

i missed bloggin!

jeudi, mars 02, 2006

last night i was with nina, peimon, wena and mel. We went to coffee bean at t morato to have some coffee and study nadin. this is my 2nd attempt tp study for pharma. hay. i only finished one handout thyroid drugs pa... hay, i wish i wont be sooo dead with tomorrow's exam. sana wala nang exam for anti-neoplastic!!!!

im so lucky today coz i woke up late 7:30am i was tooo sleepy to get up so i didnt go to sch for my cp integ class, bahala na si batman! pero what happened was, the class was canceled for no reason!!!! wooooooooooooooohooooooooooo! ;p pero syang, i didnt get a glimpse of dr lopez. hwek hwek!

i'm in school now. i didnt attend neuro (not that im lazy pero mejo) kasi i was 35 mins late and im embarrassed to go inside the lec hall. what is it with me and getting late??? hmmm, cguro its so psychological, coz when i was small, (i lived in rizal) i go to school early coz my mom wake's my up 4:30 am. (i go to st paul pasif btw) sooo mejo malayo. i got used to sleeping in tha car and my driver wakes me up nalang when we're in school na.

after 6 years of living independently, (without my mom to wake me up) i guess i havent really adjusted yet. hmmmm, or is it just the thought of my school bein near that makes me take a bath longer than i should? ;p hmmmmmmm, answer is! DALAGA NA KO. hwek hwek. kiddin.

hmmmmmmm, i have a new blog topic! i thought of this last night. i think there's no such thing as being sad. its only a combination of lack of happiness, and yearning for it at the same time... which makes it a state of mind.

oh well, last night, i kinda lacked happiness coz my bf forgot out monthsary (26th month!!!!! cguro he forgot about it like 20 times na.... wait lang