lundi, décembre 05, 2005

...i guess
love is
constant cycle of
letting go, and acceptance....


:) parang marloboro lights ;p
nyahahaha ;p anyways, i went to tagaytay last sat with bf ;p

i realized something....

People change every so often, and when you love someone, you just have to learn how to accept him through time. You learn to love when you choose to gather enough courage to let go of what that person used to be, and have faith with what the changes may bring.. Its a cycle of letting go, and acceptance.

Eventually, you learn to give up your dreams and aspirations of a perfect person. You learn to overlook that harsh reality of life that was once concealed by what we used to know. If you only want to indulge in happiness and eternal bliss, then i think you're supposed to forget that you'll ever find love..The truth is, its just within you......and you just have to be strong enough to give it away.

Love does not only encompass what can be understood by many. Its peculiarity lies in the idea that everyone tries to prepare for it, when in fact, you can never prepare for whatever it may bring you.

So, did i ever love my ex's?

I guess i did. but i choose to love myself a little bit more.

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