mercredi, décembre 14, 2005

What i want for christmas is ........

hehehe. nothing. not that i couldn't think of anything but i just wanna stay at home and have a nice dinner with my family :) i hope my mom gets here really soon. i miss her :(

funny. i didn't do anything last night. as in NADA. i didn't read any book or i didn't even go out. nothing's wrong with me :) i just got too touched yesterday. yesterday was one of the most magical days of my life. its like living inside the pages of "the alchemist"........coelho... the universe conspires with you....pero for me, if u want the universe to conspire, you should also learn to conspire with the universe. you don't wait til forever for things to happen. you make the 1st move.

you never really realize how fortunate you are until you see someone who's soooo much less fortunate. its a common mind-set na that people go blind with whatever they see...people are so numb with the miracles of daily living. they just live like machines and go off like one also. sad.....depressing.

everyday is indeed a miracle...only if we concentrate on certain things that we're supposed to really appreciate. sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers.... BLOOM WHERE YOU WERE PLANTED.

when i was in grade school,i was taught to be kind and courteous especially to the elderly... it took me oh so long to realize how important that was... yesterday i saw this super old lady (80ish) and she was selling fans. actually this is the 2nd time i saw her. but i was moved even more now. she was in front of burger king carrying all the abanicos that she's selling. she has sever scoliosis probably due to an underlying bone dse maybe osteoporosis.....surrounding her were college students of the royal and pontifical and only catholic university in asia, UST. no one dared to help her and they were just too god damned engaged in their useless talks to even notice gosh..what's happening to the world?! HELLO EARTH! just seeing her and being able to converse with her was a miracle for me.

iba na talaga ang mundo ngayon. i expect so much more from educated people. do u really need to be educated to help someone like that? i dont think so. its human nature. its an instinct. its like getting hungry, and eating something afterwards.

whatever happened to what they learned in school? grabe. this world is turning into something else. evolution na ba to? if it is evolution of principles and dogmas, fuck. i wish id die sooner.

the universe conspires....oh so true.
but it wont recognize that ur human unless u act like one.

What's the difference of a person and a dog seeing a sickly old woman (trying to earn a decent living)?
the dog can ignore or stay beside her or do nothing at all.
the person SHOULD be human enough to help out the old lady or do something about it.

but what i saw yesterday was a place full of dogs...
all of them looked the same.

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Mags a dit…

yeah i noticed na mdaming pa-sossy na nkatambay dyan sa harap ng BK..tsk tsk tsk.. kelangan na talaga ntn i-accept na mdami nang tanga sa's nice knowing na may mga tao pa din na kgaya mo psyche..astig!