mardi, décembre 13, 2005


i love bathrooms (especially if they're really nice)
but i hate ust washrooms. ewwwwwww!
i think if im gonna have a place of my own...i mean own house talaga (no roooooomies)
this would be the nicest room!

its a haven of release ;p

here's one nice design that i really like for my own place :) take a peek!

Image hosted by

nice huh?! there's a combination of nostalgia and modern look :) cute noh... anyways, is sooooooooo dreamy today even if i had a bad start. hehehe :)

anyways, what do u think?!

2 commentaires:

Mags a dit…

manel, check mo din blog ko ah..hehehe

Nat Casuela a dit…

ako din, i hate ust washrooms. you can smell 'em 5 meters away. building natin may pera para sa waiting lounge ng faculty sa 2nd floor pero walang pera para sa plumbing, cubicle locks and flushers ng mga mag-aaral. leche.