vendredi, décembre 09, 2005


I think i had an overdose of drugs yday :)
WHOOPS. before u think otherwise, it was all about tryin to remember their names.
i have 2 favorite group of antibiotics! ---> FLUOROQUINOLONES and SULFONAMIDES ;P
(whatta nerdy thing to be happy about!) hahahaha. anyway, the flying gagamba was back again last night :( so scary!!!! and irritating at that. and i realized somebody else is really really more irritating.

what can i say? lack of manners. in tagalog. KUPAL.

hahahha i was fashionably late again for class today. 47 minutes. woohoo! its a good thing we didn't do much but just to listen to mario's report (which was actually very well said *clap*clap*) nainspire ata akong magdrug monitoring! wahahahah ;p

anyways, i woke up this morning kinda on the wrong side of the bed. coz somebody is really really really getting on my nerves as usual. hay.

id rather live with an incy wincy next year talaga! one last major move nalang im gonna get rid of that worse-than-incy creature.

my coffee was great this morning...bute nalang that compensated for that irritating muchaha. carrot raisin loaf was good too that's why im in a good mood. :)

i realized somethin last nyt (again)

i shouldn't be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo affected na with oher people. (actually i really am affected only with people that i care so much about!)

speaking great great great cutie and lovable and kissable and huggable brother texted meeeeh :) what could ruin my day? NOTHING. a text from him is like walking on the moon. nakanampuch. he's so cute and pikon. i love him.

he texted me, "love is all about timing. It is of no use meeting the person, too soon or too late..." - Chow-Mo-Wan.

fudge...what an inspiring thingie from my cute and lovely and kissable and huggable baby brother! (i hope he's not in love yet though!!!! :( )

well well. time to cram for my pharma druggie exam ;p

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