vendredi, décembre 16, 2005


My life is an adventure.

Yesterday, i didn't come to class...not because i was lazy (pero ok lang din hehe :) ) but because i was rushed to the ER around 3am. rewind rewind.

uno scenario
12:30 am : was tryin to read katzung (serious!) coz i gave up deciphering the long run-on sentences of the anesthesia h.out... ebs brought me some raspberry capuccino (raspberry's my fave) and while on the way to my room, (4th floor) i was gulping down the coffee already :) yumyum it was like eating strawberry and muchin on dark chocolate at the same time.... so when i reached my room....tada! mauubos na pala. hahaha. pero wait...... parang i couldn't breathe... patay.

i lied down. texted u-know-who and he-who-must-not-be-named.... i was seeking for comfort.... shet. i was tachypneic...was tryin to breath so i calmed myself down by closing my eyes.

1:30 am it seemed like i was running out of breath. i asked my roomy to get my bp (she woke up already) it was 160 over 100....tsktsktsk tensionado. exagg. it was my highest bp ever. it was my 5th hypertensive episode...and the worst one.

2am was prompting myself to sitting position..... i couldnt possibly sleep. i was in respiratory distress... i was calling u-know-who 21 times already but he can't be reached. i called up jj, he asked me to call glen. glen picked me up, we were supposed to go to the er straight but somethin inside me told me that i should go to the fh....we went there....wen i got to his room...he wasn't there.

talk about tension rising....grabe.

i called up claire....asked her if she was still with him...wala daw...
miraculously, ebs' line suddenly ringed...whatta coincidence diba.

ho hum! he heard wat he deserved. i demanded for him to go sa fh and im giving him 15 mins to explain....if he doesnt show up in 15 mins, its over...and i meant that.

so here he comes with his -sha-pa-ang-may-gana-magalit look. tsktsk my bp was 160 over 120 and my rr was worsening....i was cryin. i dont know what i was supposed to feel.

i felt betrayed. i felt alone. but i had no choice but to rely on him. and so i did.

that faithful 3am, he brought me to the er...i was gven felodipine...and 4hours later, my bp gradually dropped to 130 over 100...i was advised to go see a cardiologist...

so here i am...waiting at the lru...i have to see yami's mom.

i'm hoping that i'm not too sick.

tensionado lang.

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