jeudi, avril 27, 2006

how can i have somebody i don't own? how can i lose somebody i never had? We don't lose the person. We lose a part of ourselves..and in the end it doesn't really matter.. because the more we lose ourselves, the more we find ourselves. We don't change. We just grow.

i made that last night. the sincerest thoughts comes without thought blocking when ur kinda tipsy. was listening to dishwalla for the nth time. As i raised my hand to give a toast for myself, then the thought hit me........ im free :) ima good. ir really is liberating to drink sometimes. i never enjoyed drinkin this much except when im drinking wine instead. i was drinking vodka cruiser last night. tasted too sweet so i added more vodka. thanks to my best bud, Ek for giving me the idea to drink alone. hehe ;0

i love my friends, and those people id want to help in the future.

sometimes the same thought hit me....... whats d purpose of my life? whats d meaning of my life? purpose........meaning........ so many thoughts so little time.

hope we find the meaning of waking up everyday. i wish i could wake up everyday with a smile on my face. not that i aint smilin but im usually expressionless. boring.

wanna go to paris

fall in love again

talk to strangers without gettin scared

wanna learn how to ride a bike

eat ice cream in the park

smell flowers and gaze at them

wanna go on top of the mountain

even if i have to go down again

watch the sunset with the one i love

watch the sunrise with the one i watched the sunset with

live today as if its my last chance at life

i wanna swim again

swim at a nice quiet beach

wanna visit london.

wanna do so many things.

in a nutshell.....


figure me out.

5 commentaires:

Dr. Emer a dit…

I love your new template!

Very peaceful. Parang ang sarap matulog. Gua ai kun. =)

psyche a dit…

wow thanks :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Psyche thanks for visiting my website :) looks like di lang ako madrama lately :) niweyz would really like to know you better.. niweyz thanks for visitingmy blogsite and i added ur link sa interesting links sites ko :)

i'm Lans pala..

thebluemystery :)

Will a dit…

drinking is okay - drinking by urself? hmmmmm..

but know that ur not alone in ur thinkings :P like you, i think cruisers are too sweet, i think it would be awfully romantic to watch the sunset and sunrise with the one you love and that it would be nice to always wake up with a smile on your face.

ive tried talking to strangers. hehehe they all think im weird or that im trying to hit on them.

psyche a dit…

wow thanks for visiting will :) how'd u find out abt my blog?

its alright to talk to strangers, even if they think ur hittin on em. hehe :D