dimanche, avril 16, 2006

Last night, in my efforts to escape boredom, i turned on my ever-reliable tv (again) and i watched 'the apocalypse' its a show, that was made to inform the public about the bible codes and how they work. It was pretty interesting.... really, but i was wondering, what do they decipher those for?

It think theyre desperately trying too hard to gaze into the future. Its like astrology, wherein the positions of the stars and the year you were born have a significance in your daily life.

Well, personally, everything in this world, in its own spatial design and purpose, (especially the ones we often ignore) have a significance in our lives. Its just that living all your life in the shadow of trying to decipher all the meanings behind everything will make you crazy (and funny). Its interesting to once in awhile try to pre-empt whats gonna happen next but its wiser to make sound decisions whether wrong or right.

Life is great big puzzle. All we can do is find clues on how to live it, and place our blessings where they should belong.... and in the end, this makes us whole.

i wrote something the other night, and irregardless if u guys could "decipher" is meaning or appreciate its content, up to u.

Close your eyes, and you think you can't see a thing. So, all if us become "blind", every so often. The world is fast, the mind is too slow. With every blink of an eye, time has changed and everything else does. It doesn't have to be painful, but if it persists long enough, we begin to perceive.

We're blinded with every blink of an eye, and no matter how hard we try to keep our eyes open, it can only do for so long. We have to blink, to see again. If we don't, our visions blur and our eyes well up with tears.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul" We have to blink and stop once in awhile to see again. If we lose sight of what lies ahead, we could blink and wipe away the tears. It's when we sleep, wherein our minds gain magic.

What can't be seen isn't always right, and what we can't is not always a dream.

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