jeudi, mai 11, 2006

woke up 9am and went to the bathroom. As i was brushing my teeth, and what kevin said hit me again.

"Love is the triumph of imagination over intellect"

Well, come to think of it, we live most of our lives satisfying our imaginations. *hmmm*. Methinks that i gotta stop thinking before i put shampoo in my toothbrush *wtf?!* yes it happened to me twice already.

well well another hot summer day. :D was watching "Princess Hours/ Goong". Its a korean series. it sooo nice and really funnee *teehee* korean dvds really make me laugh, smile and giggle all over again like a 12 year old peeping on her crush. wahahahah. *giggles*

on the other hand, i began thinking of med school again. i miss my friends from school and some of my classmates too. *ahem* hehe. i'm hoping surgery wont be that hard.... shucks thinking of the subjects palang im gettin lazy already. ok now i know that i have to snap out of it. hehe is a super funny website of a gay fashionista. she's like the "gay lord" of the philippines. well at first i hated him coz he's such a materialistic, superficial and ruthless biatch but then i guess he's just livin the role he wanna live. and yes. thats bein a faggot. hehe :) hes really funny. the way he writes stuff, the way he expresses himself...its so gay. hi dont care if he's rich, if he has bags from chanel, fendi, lv and name it he has it, he's funny because i cant imagine a person livin a colorful life like the way he does. thinkin of gettin slim wen he looks soooo anorexic already. hes so obsessed with himself and its so funny. haha.

well who isnt vain nowadays?* teehee *

dont u just love drinkin tea and listening to jazz/classical/house music and smoking at the same time????? hoot hoot. my bad. still smokin.

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jamie ilao a dit…
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jamie ilao a dit…

im addicted to korean dvds too!!! hahaha kilig talaga!