mardi, avril 04, 2006

ive been watching the whole 1st season of one tree hill (ive been soooooo deprived) anyways, its nice. but one thing i realized, is that u should not watch it on a marathon (like what i always do)... meanings get loose and u simply miss out on some points. wala lang. i wonder what am i gonna do for the 8 weeks of my vacation? dont know. just wanna spend time at home, sometime with my friends..........and what else... paint, draw, write, read read read all the good books ive missed. m reading gabriel garcia marquez now, and an alexander dumas book that i half-read when i was in high school ;p

its weird, what mattered to me when i was younger doesnt matter as much to me now... is this what getting old is all about? hmmmmmmmm... oh well. life goes on.

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