lundi, janvier 23, 2006

what can't kill you only makes u stronger.

Last nite, i was watching reality tv with humhum... it was about doctors (hehe) setting: US. a guy went to the hospital due to abd pains, vommiting, nausea, diarrhea... for quite sometime the doctors thought it was viral, but he was unresponsive to acyclovir, ribavirin and the like. he's married. has 3 kids. he was brought in by his wife.

the doctors were clueless regarding his diagnosis...they tried giving him an antibiotic and it kinda stabilized him.... he was discharged even if the mds dont have any diagnosis... he cameback to the er a few hours later wth the same symptoms... still doctors were clueless..

until, he was asked abt his marital relationship. he's goin thru a divorce.... well, that didnt really help with uncovering his diagnosis (but this will be pertinent later, promise) he was discharged again and was maintained on a gluten-free diet... he abided for quite sometime and he got better. but he couldnt believe that he was allergic to gluten so he tried eating small amts of bread...and hence, admission.
same cycle. he was discharged and now, was more convinced that he has allergies.

one time he was brushing his teeth when he noticed so many empty packages of ho hum i forgot what it was called. basta un, he was curious abt it and he confronted his wife. his wife had gone mad and he called up the hospital and he managed to get his wife admitted into the psych ward.... they investigated the package and it was indeed, poison.... grabe noh????????

whatta pyscho.

anyways, like what i said, what can't kill u only makes u stronger.

oh by th way, the poisonous thang --- CASTOR BEANS.

what u thought can kill u, in fact only makes u stronger...
and sometimes, what u think makes u stronger...actually kills u.

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marge a dit…

"what u thought can kill u, in fact only makes u stronger... and sometimes, what u think makes u stronger... actually kills u."

ASTIG KA TALAGA! i love it. :)

Mags a dit…

very well said...neway house m.d. ba un? nood ako mga dvds nun the whole wikend..sarap pala ung wikend na wala kang inaalalang test o kaya kht anung problema..hehehe