vendredi, janvier 06, 2006


Just when you think it's helping.... it's actually killing you.

I remember when i was young, about 6 years old, and my lungs are still virgin, ;p i always see my dad smoking and i despised the stingky aroma of tobacco. I even went to the extent of hiding my father's ream coz that's how much i disliked sticks.

That's my first touch of Marlboro reds... Ho hum!

Name any brand of cigartte manufactured before 2000, i've tried it! tsktsktsk... and now, my 10-pack year of smoking history is finally ending (really!)

What's hard about it is it actually has become a part of my lifestyle... without me even knowing et... before, i used to say that i only smoke whenever i'm badtrip or sad... and then stressful...and then whenever i'm thinkin hard.... and then while im talking to someone i find intresting to talk to.... and then when im happy.... and while taking a bath...while drinking coffee... name it. i have become and addict. a slave...

now... i wont deny that nicotine still runs in my blood, pero less na.

i'm not a slave anymore...

just somebody who likes to smoke ONCE IN AWHILE.

you never really get to realize how much u change til u get shocked out of your apathy coz something big awaits you.

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