jeudi, janvier 05, 2006

Less is more.

Insomia made me a couch potato before i fall asleep.
I was watchin one of those discovery segments of "house to home"
its really a nice show if ur into interior designing and architecture design.
pero they said something quite unexpected.. Less is more.

Kaboom! all thoughts of the past flooded my mind as if they were footprints in the sand...leavin' a mark. its true...when u have less clutter in ur life, u'll find more room to annd relax... nice huh?

anyways, last nite, while i was havin a good time with my friends, somebody texted me. he "made" this quote daw for me... sooo touching. here goes: "Life has its own way of telling us who to be with and who not to be with...People come and go in our journey....some will be there coz of the true meaning of love...some because they thought they have found love...others will be there because they want to be loved.. Nonetheless, i would be there for u not because i'm looking but because i want to live in love.... " --- un. so touching!!!! :) really made me smile.

anyways, got nothing much to say really. ;p

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