vendredi, janvier 27, 2006

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i cant wait to have my 1st cup of coffee for today. i stopped drinking coffee last month kse.... *secret* so im drinkin healthy drinks instead like tea for my sympathies ;p anyways, its friday and i wont be going home (again). i'm too tired to go out. fudge. im gettin older na talaga :( waaaaah.

anyway, im gonna invite one of my girlfriends to watch a movie tonight or im gonna sleep and get lots of rest... lately i discovered a lot about myself. thanks to tickle. hehhe that my hollywood counterpart was winona. naks. hehehehe ;p

anyways gonna do my tickle muna.

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Nat Casuela a dit…

tsk tsk tsk. tickle-addict!!!
haha. enjoy your weekend manny!