jeudi, novembre 23, 2006

Salt and Drama.

We search for answers in bleak places.

What defines a good lecture is not the amount of information devulged, its when a lecture makes you remember. My thursday morning consists of the usual, a headstart with a 2-hour lecture, an hour of small group discussion and another hour of workshop. (and of course, cigarette sticks in between) There's nothing really unusal with my morning. I fell asleep in the first 20 mins, woke up up and pretended to listen. As i stared blankly into screen, his animated busy slides kinda reminded me of my med tech days. Sir Rabor lecturing on coupling of a monoiodotyrosine plus diiodotyrosine to form T3. Oh, the ordinary doesn't amaze me.

As my thoughts galloped from the lecture to the most mundane bloggables in life, I suddenly heard him (dr. san luis) say, "We only need a teaspoon of iodine to meet our lifetime requirement". Whoa, that simple statement jolted me back to reality. Even if we only need a teaspoon of iodine to last a lifetime, why are there so many patients with iodine deficiency? Its not scarcity of resources. Its because just like all the other (and more)essentials in life, we can't take it all just once, and remain worry free for a lifetime.

I search for answers in bleak places.

Just like hapiness. We can't just have it all at once, and last a life time not having to worry about it.

3 commentaires:

Nat a dit…

if i could store a plate of CPK's mushroom ravioli in my cheek pouches so it could last forever, i would.

but then halitosis would get the best of me.

psyche a dit…

hahahahaha :D

midgard a dit…

this brand of truth really is a bitter pill to swallow.

then again, just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.