lundi, novembre 13, 2006

happy birthday to me! happy boitday 2 me! happy boitday happy boitday happy boitday to me hehehehe :) OMG im old. im a 24-year-old single, nulligravida. hehehe :) im spending my bday here at baangs with natalisms, nins, and james. waaaah its pretty hectic. anyways, just wanted to share with you guys that im not really a fan of celebrating my birthday. its more of a yearly evaluation of what happened to me. what changed, what remained, mistakes, and happy moments. i know im so corny but once in awhile we really have to evaluate ourselves.

im so surprised that so many people greeted my 12am :) im so touched coz i wasnt expecting some of my old friends to remember. thanks guys for making this day special. hehehe naks. drama mode.

anyways, its kinda toxic. last minute i found out that we have a report tom for urosurg. waaah! but on the brighter side, at least tapos na! hehehe neurology quiz awhile ago was a killer. i practically slept after i answered it. hehehe. i hope i passed. i slept half the time during ent. it was post prandial. hehehehe. really love sleeping after a full meal. buhay baboy. :)

well well well, tama ba naman magpatugtog ng senti songs dito. naku. im dead. i dont wanna remember. hay. i remember a movie that i really liked, "eternal sunshine on my spotless mind" hay sana meron talagang pangdelete ng memories. ASA. hehehe pero come to think of it, we have a selective memory. we remember those that matters, whether it makes us sad or happy. Roses are for remembering. i love flowers, but i like the smell of grass in the morning too. hay ang labo. this is so spontaneous. james n nins are chatting in front of me, theyre making their pedia history while im joggling thoughts in my head.

May narealize ako, the breeding ground for insanity is repeated thinking, which when done in soltitude brings about wisdom. Sanity is what makes people boring. its okay to be insane these days as long as we get a hold of ourselves.

i miss my childhood.

i wanna play badminton again despite my myalgias.

i have an addictive personality.

i find it hard to let go of my emotions.

i like crying alone.

but i also need a good hug.

im insane.

i love loving, even the pain it brings.
it makes me wiser, weaker and stonger at the same time.

ops tama na, im hungry. :)

7 commentaires:

teepsee a dit…

happy birdie doc psyche!

party party party! =p

chrissy a dit…

oist doc nela. happy bday!! ayan ah greeted u on the eve and at the end of ur birthday. wish u all the best in lyf,maybe not all but what you deserved. :)

luna-tic a dit…

there are times i wished na sana jehovah's witness na lang ako, para i wouldn't have to "celebrate" the day i was brought into this cruel world. or sana kahit feb 29 na lang, para di ko kailangan mag"celebrate" every year. hehehe. ambitter. ;p

the past year had been tough, but we can't deny it had been fun. love yah, gf. ;p

soulfoolchic a dit…

i remember a movie that i really liked, "eternal sunshine on my spotless mind" hay sana meron talagang pangdelete ng memories. ASA.

- I know I wished for this too. And like you, I know it's impossible...the movie paycheck...imagine inject something sa brain mo before you start a relationship and then if you didn like how it ended you can inject soemthing again to erase it.

Oh'll laugh at it soon enough...I'm laughing now. HAHA

Nat a dit…

all the time i was slavin' over our books out at baang's, you were blogging??? hahaaaa

happy boitday mane(lyn reynes).

mahal kita!


soulfoolchic a dit…

Hey I actually read something in yahoo about a pill that does something about bad memories...wanna try? Hehe

dzaymee a dit…

hi manel!

alam ko na kung bakit di ko mapuntahan etong site mo. kasi mali spelling ko. hahahaha! (sakit sa bangs)

anyways, i went through some of the stuffs you've written recently kaya wag ka na magtampo. =)

i, too, find it ironic how i've held on dearly to my emotions/emo-ness ever since med school. crying over petty things. laughing at very trivial circumstances. i sometimes find it insane...bcoz sometimes u actually love these weird moments. what the heck, medicine has taken all of us. we are entitled own our emotions. =)

alabshu! and i'm sorry that i wasn't able to appreciate your wisdom over my emotions (hehe) in time for your bday. see u around!