dimanche, février 05, 2006

whoever was not shocked with what happened yesterday at ultra must have a heart of stone.

Yesterday, 71 poor people died in a stampede in front of ultra coz all of them wanted to gain entrance for the celebration of wowowee's 1st anniversary. grabe, d ko alam kung anong magiging reaction ko, but i felt so devastated. Is life really that hard nowadays? I know it is, but i havent realized it so much coz i'm so jailed within the confines of the medicine building or UST area. (not that im studying)

It such a sad thought that our 71 of our countrymen had to die just to fight their way to luck. Ibang klase na talaga ang buhay ngayon. Sobrang hirap. That incident put tears to my eyes. d ko alam y, im not really the crybaby type, but i did.

I felt luckier and more moved to do whatever i can to help people wherever i go, may it be as simple as a smile or as big as giving money. To give or not to give? Sometimes i dont give alms to those people who look as if theyre capable naman of working coz it makes me feel as if im tolerating their laziness... pero sa bagay, minsan d rin natin alam.

:( im still kinda sad over what happened. I hope it will never happen again. May those souls who passed away in search for luck, find true wealth in God's presence.

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Nat Casuela a dit…

they're all lazy fuckin' asswipes. steppin' on uthah people just so they can get rich without havin' tuh work for it. tells us a lot about what being pinoy means. other countries are probably laughin at us now. damn it. over a noontime tv program. wtf.