mardi, février 21, 2006

ive been soo dizzy the entire day

7am patho post test, slept through forensic pathology
12 lunch with nat at the hosp. so full and sleepy
1am ob lecture with dra lee.... i spent the last 15 mins sleeping...
2am med... my patient is a nyc,old guy. :)

wala lang...

hmmmm, what's the worst way to miss someone? wala just a thought.

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Mags a dit…

when you miss a person you have been with for a long see her everyday, but you can't talk to her, hold her. hug her, kiss her...kinda like a gaze upon it, you think for a while, and then you'll realize you can't reach it..
kinda cheesy but true, eh?!

psyche a dit…