mercredi, septembre 20, 2006

pink dress

that lady


that half-lady (i mean)


keeps me smiling.


ive got no time to crumble.

5 commentaires:

marge a dit…

kilala ko sya! tumatawin-tawin nga ang puso ko 'pag nakikita ko sya sa lacson eh. haha! lunatic. ;p

Dr. Emer a dit…

why do have no time to crumble?

and pray tell, what do you mean by "crumbling"?

ang alam ko lang sa lacson eh yung mcdo at jbee sa kanto. hehehe

garytarugo a dit…
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soulfoolchic a dit…

Hi friend!

I hope you're okay. I'm sorry I am not there for you these days. I promise to make up after the exams. :)

I know you're a strong woman.

Nat Casuela a dit…

hey manny. enjoy the break. see you in school yo.