mardi, avril 29, 2008

Pick up the grains of sand,
that had dusted my miles of longing
Don't you want to blink?
And lose a moment's thought

The wind has kissed my hair,
a million times that you haven't,
yet all remembrance comes
from that one time you did.

My soul embraces that tiny part of me
that you thought you have,
yet it yearns for your hand
in so many ways you'll never know

How can i bloom a midsummer's love
when we are lost in our worlds?

Once, a poor number
that sparks abound my memory.
We lose time, yet only to gain
that of that once.

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Anonyme a dit…

from totoy saging

i dunno kung natatandaan mo pako pero sana eh okay naman ang lahat.

Dieu benisse.. :)