vendredi, mars 30, 2007

"All that a girl needs, is one guy who would be man enough to prove to her, that not all men are the same" - text from bien (lesli's bro)

My first reaction is, yes, true true. But after a gamut of thoughts that entered my mind, (blame it on the pei pa kwa hard candy!) i dont think that, that should be the case. That statement might have been made by a brokenhearted lady who's experienced god knows how many breakups that she NEEDS SOMEONE to PROVE to her that all those tears and nights of longing are worth it. damn. ang weak naman nun. since when did we live in a world wherein, each breath we take its a point proven?

Truth is, we are in a world thats entirely imperfect and we have to live with it. We must grow out of the fairytales, and happy endings that entertained our immature minds. We must accept that life is difficult, so that it will no longer become difficult. That we live in a world wherein its easier to tell lies, than to tell the truth, and that only a few are brave enough to handle the former. That we can have a thousand drinking buddies, people to hangout with, but we will end up with a few people when we are asphyxiated with life's problems. That pain is not uncommon. That we will love, give out everything we have, and in the end we will have our hearts broken. And that we owe it to ourselves to mend it, without needing that knight in shining armor will come and save us from the pain.


That's the hard part about growing up. You do it on your own. You don't wait for someone to prove to you that its not gonna happen again. COZ IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. We will get hurt again, we will cry again, and its up to us how to handle it.

We do not have to live in the shadow of another person's mistakes. I guess the best thing we can do is to do good, and try to avoid hurting anyone. so point of the story is, wag kumain ng pei pak kwa candy. Mali, wag pala magisip habang kumakain ng pei pak kwa candy. :)

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soulfoolchic a dit…

Actually...I also think we break our own hearts...

It is us who make these choices right? So we are responsible for such decision...

Shit. When have I gotten old? HAHA

champ a dit…

Well can't comment on that... The only thing I can say is that I am a free spirit for whom his freedom is worth a fortune. The sky's my world and I dont needa prove anyone. As per getting to your blog, just needed to check out your profile from the page where you had put ur comments. Simple networking I guess :)

dzaymee a dit…

hi manel!

napakalalim naman ng naisip mo! first of all, a man is not ALL we (women) need! hellooo?! we also need some bling bling! wahahahaha!! you lose when you give all your heart to one person and not keep a part for yourself. so when sh*t happens, there is nothing left of you but indeed a broken heart. on second thought, however, can one really love part-heartedly?? and on the contrary, is there really such a thing as loving whole-heartedly?

anyway, bat ka kumakain ng pei pa kwa? nagpapaganda ka ng boses no?! isa ba yan sa mga "schemes" mo to win "him"?? LOL! mishu manel aka fan ni jao mapa!

Nat a dit…

i don't think that each woman needs a man to prove to her that he's different. maybe what we all need is to realize that all men ARE the same...we just have to figure out a way on how to weave our way around it.

girls rule.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey, I just want to say thank you for this blog. It really made me feel damn better when just an hour ago I'm busy exhausting my tear ducts. I was just looking for that line in the notebook about the day and night thing and of all the search results, I happened to click yours. Coincidence? I guess not. Maybe it's fate.

*sigh* I wish you're really here right now beside me. I desperately need someone like you to talk to. It feels good talking to a stranger sometimes. Hehe labo ba?

Can you add me sa friendster? or text me. I don't usually give out my number (especially in such a public site like this) but I really have this urge to know you.

cp #: 09183808801

Shet. I look like a stalker! *grins*

nga pala, just in case patulan mo 'to at magtext ka (I'm crossing my fingers), pakilala ka ha? manel right? iniisnab ko kase anonymous texters eh. hehe. Thanks a lot! =)