vendredi, décembre 01, 2006


Night is a mirror
My soul flew far,
far away.

Creeping echoes of my silence
bathed my memories
of you

My slumber longs to stop
Im awake, Daylight.
I am the same.

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fencesitter a dit…

pag-ibig talaga oo. :)

Josephine a dit…

found you through Coelhos blog!
What is it like to be a student in Manila? the picture we get to see in Europe is of the kids living on the garbage-mountain... and of course one and another "Robinson"-island if someone remembers to care where it is... and not to forget the violent volcanos!
What are you studying?
Is it expensive to study at university-level? are there any studyloans to financially make it possible for less rich young people? a lot of questions!
Take care! (ps. my blog is in Swedish, but you can comment in English there if you like, I live in the Netherlands since 2002)

Josephine a dit…

my blog:


the spy in the sandwich a dit…

thanks :)

i linked you, hope you don't mind.

psyche a dit…

sure :) linked u too.

Josephine a dit…

Thanks for your answers!
today it was in Swedish news (mostly read them online) about Legazpi. There seem to be these catastrophes almost every year on the Filippines. If you like to mail me I have this email:

jae a dit…

This reminds me of an old post. :)

Thanks for the comment. You have quite a space here. Will be back. :)

Nat a dit…

most people hate being alone at night because they tend to think about how empty a day WAS without a certain person, but personally i hate days that start off with the realization that it WILL be empty before it even starts.

chelsea a dit…

everyday is another chance to be happier :)

-raindrops- a dit…

hey poet, i linked you up, btw. hope that's okay. :)

teepsee a dit…

nice poem, doc.

i've been good, busy as always. hehehe.

thanks for the comment nga pala on my previous post, yun na ba yung free consultation ko? haha!

ikaw, how're you doing? =)

miguel a dit…

doki! nakakabaliw d ba? hayyyyyyyyyyy.....

when i die, i want this written in my epitaph:

"there is a thin line between passion and insanity!"

usap tau when i get back :)

psyche a dit…

hehehe im back!