samedi, juillet 08, 2006

I was watching "The Notebook", when it suddenly hit me, why do these cheesy love stories make me somehow wish that someone will love me that way. But then i thought, am i not being loved with the same amount, yet the only thing that makes it different is the era?

We live in a fast-paced life, wherein a single click, a single second can change our lives drastically. Isn't it amazing how "i love you" became so easy to say, or even express? The phrase is even a cliche! Sometimes we feel that the other person doesn't mean it anymore, but in reality, we're just hoping for magnified expressions. Big enoough for us to notice. The ones that really require so much effort. But is it just that, love is still the same, yet its expression has evolved, or it is the fact that the meaning of love just evolved through time?

Love conquers all.

History dictates what love can do. Its either its something great, or something so terrible enough to lose our sanity. After watching the paperback that turned into film, the feeling of envy is still right beneath my head. But right now im realizing, is it really something to envy about? Is it our faults that technology has evolved, and has tremendously made expression so much easier?

Sometimes its so nice to live a simple life. A life wherein not all things evolve and exist for our convenience... The simple acts are the ones that mean so much. A cheesy card, your guy going to your house just to ask you if he could take you to dinner tomorrow, a bunch of flowers that's hand-picked. Expressions of love arent supposed to be disposable, just like a text msg in your fone that you can delete. Its something that should stick to our memories. Something done out of convenience. and i go back to what i said. Love conquers all.... it conquers the comforts of the world we live in right now. It doesnt have to be hard, but it has to be done with meaning.

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odavoca boyrl a dit…

love conquers all?

... nako.

hindi rin.


tska yun when the person you love isn't happy to be with you and you learn to let go... that thing people call sacrifice??

ako.. i call it BULLSH*t.. haha.

so yun..

love doesn't conquer all.

ay hala.. ang init ng dugo.

i must say i like your blog.

stay happy.


empanada a dit…

love conquers all if it's true love for both of you

Will a dit…

cheesy cards or visiting her just to ask her out? :)

it would be soo much faster to just txt them.

but thats probably why id probably go the cheesy card.

Take all the technology and hustle and bustle away - and all were left with is cheesy love :)

miguel a dit…

love sucks, shit happens... pero not always naman hehehe

basta i hate luv! read my blog :p

Nat Casuela a dit…

the most romantic gift i've ever received was a three-layered tuna-mayo sandwich.


zossimo a dit…

when i first saw your pic i said, "wow this girl's cute! ma-enlarge nga." so i clicked on it and nyay! what's with the bags? but you do look cute in a 1x1 pic.

psyche a dit…

bags? lack of sleep i guess. and i have naturally deep-set, bangag-looking eyes. thanks for visitng my blog and for the compliment. :)

Rix a dit…

Hey friend!

Hay I agree. Love is now just a word. No longer an expression of all sorts of feelings.

That's what love to me is.

And so goes a song...

I want a love I can see
That's the only kind that means a thing to me
Don't want a love you have to tell me about
That kind of lovin' I can sure do without

I want a love I can feel
That's the only kind of lovin' I think is real
Don't want to be goin' by somethin' I heard
'Cause baby, action speaks louder than words

I want a love that is mine
In the rain or even in the sunshine
A love that will keep me warm when it's cold
The kind of lovin' that will never grow old

I want a love I can see
The kind of love that you could give to me
The kind of kisses to make me melt
The kind of lovin' that can really be felt

I really want a love
You gotta know
I really need your love
All I really want is your love
I really want your love
A love I can see

daxi a dit…

ei! i agree although..ganun nga ata talaga.. for some love conquers all.. pero sadyang hindi pare-pareho ang kapalaran ng lahat.

It's nice to think that someone still feels the need to be cheesy or "korny". Tama, something done of our of convinience is simply the best expression..oo sana nga hindi ganun kakomplikado and mundo ngayon..

anyways, stay happy!

Samantha_Jones a dit…

hey I posted your blog entry in PEX. lalang.

Mags a dit…
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Mags a dit…

yeah cheesy love movies make us think more about how love supposedly conquers totoong buhay di yan nangyayari. i believe that the right person is not the one that only makes us happy. they also make us cry but cared enough to realize that they made a mistake. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it means you've decided to see beyond the lng.

psyche a dit…

whoa! thanks for the comments everyone :)